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Liberalism Resurgent provides a strong voice for liberalism — but it could be even stronger with your help.

Your email response has been overwhelming and consistent: "Thanks for such a rare site — itís about time a fighting liberal stood up with the facts." The reason why material like this is so rare is because Corporate America has simply purchased the debate. Between 1992 and 1994, the twelve richest conservative foundations spent $210 million to shape Americaís political views. And conservative parent corporations own virtually all the major media — protestations about the "liberal media" to the contrary.

Liberals need a voice if we are to keep the Great American Debate honest. But Corporate America doesnít like the liberal message, and refuses to fund it. That is why AM radio is filled with conservative talk-show hosts, but no liberal ones.

I have learned this lesson the hard way in my own efforts to expand, improve and promote Liberalism Resurgent. I have approached countless potential sponsors over the years. But although corporations would like to fund my site, they would also like creative control over its content. Specifically, they would like to water down its criticism of the rich.

Liberalism Resurgent hits the rich hard: it does more than accuse them of corrupting our government or exploiting the poor. It proves the rich are causing an inequality that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. Obviously, no corporate sponsor wants to be accused of perpetuating an American Holocaust.

To maintain an independent and honest site, I cannot accept sponsorships from Corporate America. If this site is to grow and gain publicity, it needs contributions from its readers. I would like to keep Liberalism Resurgent free to the public, in order to spread its message as far as possible. But voluntary contributions will help Liberalism Resurgent grow, improve and promote its message. There is much work to be done; doing the job right could employ an entire staff. Here are my goals:


1. General strategy: to build and promote a one-stop reference source that refutes conservative positions on all major issues. Liberal rebuttals will use the latest studies, statistics and academic arguments to prove the liberal position, but will be written in plain English for the widest audience possible.

2. Editorial policy: to represent the interests of workers, consumers, women, minorities, the poor, children, the elderly, environmentalists, and other historically liberal constituencies.

3. Donor policy: Donors who give to Liberalism Resurgent understand that their donations will support the above general strategy and editorial policy. However, to preserve the independence and honesty of Liberalism Resurgent, donations will have no influence on the specific topic selections, opinions, news reporting or administration of Liberalism Resurgent. The primary factors for determining content will include whatís hot in the public debate, as well as reader feedback.

4. Credit policy: Donors will receive public credit on the site unless anonymity is requested.

5. Hiring policy: Liberalism Resurgent will hire as much staff as its budget will allow. The emphasis will be on hiring college students, because the benefits accrue both ways: students can get paid to research topics within their majors, and we will benefit from the most up-to-date data and theory that a college student would bring. For full-time staff, no salary will be more than the 40th percentile of full-time, year-round U.S. income for the previous year. The goal of Liberalism Resurgent is to promote social change as far as possible, not get rich. (Although a site effectively causing social change might benefit career reputations.)

6. Open-book policy: Liberalism Resurgentís accounting books will be permanently open to the public on its Web site.


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