Political humor

American Newspeak
"A weekly satirical e-zine celebrating the Orwellian face of the 1990's with cutting edge advances in the art of doublespeak carefully scavenged from the back pages of our finer newspapers."

The Dilbert Zone
Creator Scott Adams long ago sold out to the very corporate culture he satirizes, but there's still no one as funny at showing how bone-headed bosses can be. (Check the archive for his past strips.)

The original liberal strip, so outrageous that dozens of supposedly "liberal" newspapers censor it about election time.

The Official Internet Quayle Quote List
This long list of dumb things Dan Quayle actually said will have you rolling with laughter. Unfortunately, this doofus was only a hearbeat away from the presidency.

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow
See why this wickedly funny liberal cartoonist is rapidly gaining a cult following.

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