Tools for winning political debates

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies
A superb and easy-to-read introduction to spotting errors in logic. Most political debates are replete with fallacies -- even among our national leaders and media.

So You Want to Discuss Libertarianism…
Mike Huben's outstanding guide to political debate on the web (and not just for libertarianism). Created after he noticed constant and recurring shortcomings in the libertarian style of debate.

University of Michigan Documents Center
Nothing kills a bad argument like a good statistic. You can find virtually any statistic on any topic -- poverty, crime, student grades -- in this massive clearinghouse for social data.

More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government have provided statistics for this easily searchable website.

Historical Economic Statistics
A one-stop reference source for the most frequently used statistics in debates about economic history.

AmosWorld Economic Glossary
A working knowledge of basic economic terms is essential to debating politics. This mammoth glossary offers not only definitions but also links to related concepts.

FastTimes Political Dictionary
Just because you read the newspaper doesn't mean you understand political terms… know the difference between an initiative and a referendum?

Glossary of Political and Economic Terms
My own glossary, combining nearly 200 of the most common political and economic terms. This glossary contains self-definitions froms socialists, anarchists, liberals, conservatives, etc.

Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
Economist Roger McCain has been kind enough to publish a free introduction to economics online. McCain has an engaging, easy-to-read style. Invaluable for political debates.

Statistics Glossaries
A list of easy-to-understand statistical glossaries. Each one explains basic statistical concepts that are common in political debates.

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