On this page I thank the following people for their expert and helpful contributions to Liberalism Resurgent:

Mike Huben for his outstanding and extensive analysis, criticism and suggestions, which are reflected everywhere throughout this website. I'm grateful that such a sharp mind would get involved with Liberalism Resurgent. His strength in philosophy complemented my strength in empirical data, and I must admit I underwent a few paradigm shifts (on property rights, the social contract, etc.) under his tutelage. Mike's own Critiques of Libertarianism is deservedly famous as a one-stop reference source for libertarian analysis not written by libertarians. I heartily recommend a visit.

Timothy Lambert for his expert contributions on gun control. Professor Lambert is a top-notch statistician with an extensive knowledge of international gun issues. I thank him for providing me with many excellent academic papers that went straight to the heart of matters.

Erik Schimek for helpful critiques of the Asian Model Minority essay.

Rafe B. -- author of the webpage "Lefties on the Web," which provided a ton of excellent liberal links that that greatly furthered my research.

Gail Thaler for pointing me to mathematicians and other helpful resources.

"Midtowng" -- otherwise known as GJ -- is a guy who likes his privacy. But thanks to him, I now have tax statistics for the Reagan Years website that I would have never found otherwise. The man's a legend at finding obscure data that decisively settles an issue.

Jennifer Church for bringing a much-needed woman's perspective to my essays on abortion.

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