I enjoy reader responses and make it a point to answer virtually all my e-mail. Below is just a small sample of the letters I get, with the hate mail mixed in with the fan mail in no particular order. Except for abridgements (which are indicated), all letters are reproduced intact, complete with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. As a general rule, the liberal mail I receive is much more educated and error-free than conservative mail, as you will see. Enjoy.

The following message was posted to an interactive bulletin board at "Turn Left."

The following letter is one of the funniest I have ever received. A little background: the day before, I had been arguing with a dittohead on the Internet. He had quoted some of Rush Limbaugh's historical revisionism of the Reagan years, and I responded with a highly detailed list of statistics from this website that refuted his claims. Apparently some other conservatives on the net were embarrassed by the dittohead's poor showing, for they attempted to rebuke him by e-mail. However, in a comedy of errors, they accidentally sent the letter to me! Read for yourself their own assessment of Limbaugh: