Tom V. Huppi - Resume and Related Material

This section contains my resume in various formats. The resumes are generated from LaTeX sources and are provided in 'pdf' and 'ps' formats. Also a 'png' image is generated for conveniance as it can be viewed directly in any modern browser, but is less likely to print well.

resume.pdf   'pdf' format. 'ps' format.
resume.png 'png' format.

This section contains several documents which elaborate on my computer-related experience.

  Post-2000 Software Engineering Work.

  Pre-2000 Computer Experiance.

This section contains various letters of recommendation which I have obtained over the years. With no exceptions that I can think of I have left my various employs on good terms, and I am proud of this. I remain in touch with many of my previous employers and expect that they could provide references upon request.

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