As I promised, here is my personal e-mail policy....

Briefly, if you send me e-mail, I don't pass it along in full or in part to anyone else without your expressed permision. I break this rule with rare exception, and only with careful forethought. With this in mind, you may wish to "express" your permission up front if the situation warrants it.

That Where: _my_last_name_ is, of course, 'huppi'

Oh ya...One more thing (which is now somewhat obsolete unless I can find my private key and remember my pass-phrase..):

Naturally I am interested in computer security to some extent. I have taken the time to learn how to use a widely available encryption program called PGP. What this allows me to do is to communicate with other PGP users and be confident that only the intended recipient can read message. It also allows me to "sign" a message that I write so that anyone may verify that I am the author and that no one else has changed it.

All you need to do to either send me a secure message, or verify my signature on a signed message is to have my "public key." (You also need to be using PGP naturally.) It can be found on any number of "key servers" which are public sites that will send you my public key to you upon request. On this site you need only type "huppi". Here are the e-mail names and "fingerprints" that you should find:

My first key (RSA):
EE64 A819 7B3B 0036 0869 E4E9 E0E6 4982
Note: This one will work for those using PGP2.6.2 where the other will not.

My current key (DSS/D-H):
BB5C EBAC 8958 8117 DA26 C6F1 591F 4DA3 04D7 A5BC
Note: Please use this one if you have PGP5.0 or latter. I use this one now for signing stuff and would prefer msgs be sent using this one.

Hash: SHA1

Footnote: Although it seems clear (to me)
that you and I should be able to exchange messages
privately, certain factions of the U.S. govt. don't
feel that way. In short, they feel that they should
be able to read the messages as well.
They argue that you and I may be a drug dealers or
terrorists and that the only way to protect the public
interest is to be able to read our mail. They constantly
try to effect laws which would allow them to realize
their dreams, and I think that they will probably succeed
one of these days.

If so, it will be partially because they have managed to
alarm people who do not have the time or inclination to
educate themselves about the issues.

I urge you not to be one of those persons!
Please visit the Center for Democracy and Technology.
Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0
Charset: noconv


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