When was "Petronius Arbiter" kicking?

The "We trained hard..." quote is one which I have been fond of since I first saw it. It was inscribed on a tee-shirt which I obtained from one John Holden. At one time, John manufactured a large selection of tee-shirts with humorous imagery and writings; mostly with a scientific bent. He did much of the (outstanding) art work, and also co-authored a book called the "Creation/Evolution Satyricon". Anyway, I pulled the quote from memory, but am quite sure that I got the date 210 BC correct.

Later, someone sent me a note saying that I got the date wrong. A little research seems to indicate that this was indeed true. The description in the link which was sent to me clearly indicates that this is the same individual who was supposed to have been originally responsible for the tract. Further, there does seem to be a consensus among scholars that Petronius was alive around the time of Nero's reign. Thus, I am changing the date.


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