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For liberals and conservatives alike, the Great Depression serves as a natural debating point that "justifies" or "refutes" various economic policies. Unfortunately, the Great Depression and the New Deal are complex topics that are open to many interpretations. In an effort to further this debate, I have compiled a list of hard statistics and dates that should dispel some of the more unwarranted historical revisionism.

Reading this site straight through gives a comprehensive overview of the Great Depression. Clicking on the links entitled "More" gives a more detailed explanation of points raised in the overview. I highly recommend reading the overview first, since the sub-arguments can get rather lengthy and digressive.

"The Great Depression" is far and away the most popular part of my site. It has even been favorably linked in Paul Krugman's February 5, 1997 Slate column, "The Dismal Scientist." (Krugman is expected to win a Nobel prize in economics.) I receive tons of e-mail about this site, especially from high-school students writing term papers. Consequently, I have included a short FAQ at the bottom of this page to respond to the most common questions.

Here are the main links to this site:

Causes of the Great Depression:
A Review of Keynesian Theory
Events of the 1920s

The Great Depression:
Timelines of the Great Depression

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