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My moms cousin is an "Urban Farmer." He has the most incredible garden that one can imagine. It's hard to believe the pure physical labor that he puts into this endeavor. He has also helped me out on some of my demolition projects, and he and I fished commercially in Bristol Bay several times.

One of the projects I would like to do is a "time laps photography" deal on a section of his yard, then make an .avi (or other format) movie out of it for this page. If I get around to it, several weeks worth of footage, it would look *really* neat.

I just tapped out a usenet re. and the thought occured to me to put the info on my website. If anyone wants to bookmark this for future ref, the link should be stable, though I may need to be goaded once in a while to add to it :-)

Actually, here's a web site with a more targetted interest, and a more up-to-date site:

While I am at it, the Green Dude and I just got his saws going and got some climbing gear with the intent of doing a little tree work...

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