Jon took the time to respond to something I said on the newsgroup I forgot what it was now. Anyway, I had a quick look at his web site, CerealKiller's Helpdesk, and could see right away that is was filled with good information on a variety of things. It was the first worldnet pwp (personal web page) that I have felt compelled to bookmark. I am very glad I did because it just keeps getting better.

His technique for teaching html principles is to have an example (i.e.: a table similar to the one at the bottom of this page.) followed immediately by the code to make it happen with some explanation along the way. Since I usually know what I want but need to know the syntax, his tutorials really work for me. Also, one could *really* learn html by sitting down and carefully reading the whole thing. They are very complete.

Html is only one small part of his web site, there is quite a lot more. The main thing is that he really seems to get his kicks by helping people. I personally have a lot of respect for this kind of person.

Among his talents, Jon is a fantastic artist (imho). I don't know much about computer art, or art in general, but I really like his work. I talked him into letting me display one of his works here. They remind me of Rene Magritte's work. Magritte has always been one of my favorites.

Aliens at the Sea 96k .jpg

I should also note that the name sounds ominous (especially given the BS floating around the general public about the web), but it is just that Jon eats a lot of cereal. Here is the explaination he e-mailed my once...

> ..., and the story behind the name is that because my hours
> are all mixed up (i could be sleeping one night, then 2
> days later be sleeping during the day) i sometimes have
> breakfast at *dinner time*... one night a friend of mine
> stopped by so we could work on a song and i was eating some
> cereal (usually what i snack on anyway (has to be sans milk
> as i'm lactose intolerant (don't know why i mentioned that)))
> and there was a show on tlc (the learning channel) about
> serial killers... as a joke, my friend said i was a
> "cerealkiller"... it sounded stupid, and by god that's a
> plus, so i kept is as the nick i use on IRC and now on the
> web =]

FWIW, I personally (Tom) have never gotten involved with IRC and have no "nick"...I waste enough time on the usenet!!!

Oh Ya...Jon made the "InterScape-NaviSplorer" .gif for me!

It's great IMHO!

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