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As I said on the "trunk" page, this site contains largely things that interest me. With any luck, some of them will interest you too. They qualify (in my mind) as projects because I have learned stuff about them. Some of this stuff, you may not know, but would like to. On the other hand, if they interest you, it is likely that you know things about them which I do not. The former justifies your continuing, and the latter, sending me e-mail. I would also encourage you to ask me for more info if you suspect I have it. This may result in a benefit to you, and will indicate to me I need to put more effort into the relevant area.

Engr/School Ya, well...I'm a Civil Engineering student.
Automotive I have, or have built a number of weird vehicles.
Hydraulic Ram Pump I built water system based on a 'hydraulic ram pump' for my place in Oregon.
1943 D4 -2T Caterpillar tractor Got it from a neibor for my place in Oregon.

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