I was just cleaning up some papers and I found an old printout of a program that does Bowdich calculations to balance a traverse and calculates the area via the DMD method. To be honest, I don't remember the subject that well and was hardly able to follow my code anyway so the thing is basically useless. What I did find was a thing which I had totally forgotten about having written...

This is my HP48GX.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Without me, my programs are useless.
Without my programs, I am useless.
I must master my HP as I must master CE330.
I must punch keys faster than my neibor who is brighter than me.
[I wasn't a marine so I cannot remember the whole stupid thing!]

Anyway, I'm not an Engineering student anymore, and have forgotten most of what I knew about the HP anyway, so I *should* just get rid of this page I suppose, or at least put a few links on it or something. To that end, if anyone has some good ones, drop me a note.

Quick-N-Dirty entry:

I *love* Reverse Polish Notation!!! I can barely use anything else now!

I got into writting user RPL code to do tasks that were at all tedious. Inveriably, the little projects took longer than it would have to just punch the numbers. Oh well, it was fun.

In general, a spreadsheet program is probably a better place to put ones efforts if one is serious about accomplishing something. It's easier to debug and enter data. There is a progam called HPedit which helps. It allows one to write code on the computer rather than punching those little keys.

One last tip... The L in RPL is for Lisp, and "lisp" comes from *List* Processing. Upshot, useing ***LISTS*** can really speed things up and result in elegent and compact code. Also, lists can be used to great advantage (on the G or GX models) for general non-programing type work. Try it on your next tabular calculation!

BTW...The HP48GX is a handheld calculator made by Hewlett Packard!

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